VoIP for smart business

More Talk provides a cost-effective cloud telephone system, allowing your business to make, receive and transfer calls anywhere. Cut costs and unleash your business potential.

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Make and receive landline calls, on all your Devices

Manage Handsets, Tablets and Mobile Apps with an intuitive management portal
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Create Extensions, Manage Inbound Call Routing, IVR, Out-of-Hours, Listen to Call Recordings, Voicemail and more...

Staff Everywhere?
Be Anywhere! With
one landline number

Make calls, receive calls, transfer calls (internally to other users, or externally to mobiles, mobile Apps, Tablets, or other numbers), Anywhere! All on a single number if required.

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Online Portal

More Talk’s intuitive online control panel puts you in full control of Telephony for your business, and in real-time. Forward calls, change inbound rules, add, remove and manage user extensions, add options menus, upload personal greetings, on-hold-music or marketing messages.

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Manage Routing

Change inbound call routing rules on the fly! Auto re-route of calls for Out-of-Hours, or for business continuity or in disaster recovery scenarios. Prioritise users with Ring-Groups, Hunt-Groups, Queues and more.

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Flexible Telephony

Choose from a wide range of geographic and non-geo numbers. Choose multiple local numbers to enhance your presence. More Talk landline numbers are SMS enabled (Yes, you can send and receive SMS messages with our numbers). One number for all your business needs!

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Call Logging

View call logs – Date / Time of call, duration, cost and more. Listen to voicemails (from handsets also), and call recordings quickly and easily.  

Features, Packages & Pricing

No setup fees! No annual contract, 30-day rolling! No computer needed. 

Sign-Up, Receive Handsets, Plug-In. Enjoy!


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  • Licence for 2 devices (Handset and Smartphone App)
  • Incoming Caller ID
  • Personalised Voicemail with VM-to-Email
  • Online Control Panel with Itemised Billing
  • 100 minutes Inclusive Calls
    to UK landlines
£7.50 per User/ pm

HQ Anywhere

HQ Anywhere Package - Home Icon
  • Route Calls to your Titan / 
    Olympian Users
  • Multi-Level Auto-Attendant (Options Menus, Press 1 for...)
  • Custom Announcements
  • Time-Based Routing
  • On-Hold Music/Custom Messages
  • Ring Groups, Hunt Groups
£5.00 p/m

Need Something Different?

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SMS Services
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Contact Centre powered by Ciptex
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Business Broadband


Yealink Handset T23G
More Talk Land
Yealink Telephone W52P
More Talk Air
PC's / Mac's

More Talk recommended handsets, PC’s, Laptops, Mobile Apps or your own IP handsets. Make and receive landline calls on one, or all your favourite devices.


VoIP calls don’t look, feel or taste any different to standard PSTN calls.
What is VoIP?

VoIP (voice over IP) is sending voice information in digital form over a data network like the Internet. In other words, VoIP is the protocol used to send conversations and tones via your Internet Connection just like a normal analog phone.

Having used VoIP and SIP technology for many years, large call centres and corporate organisations have benefitted, making considerable cost savings when compared to a traditional telephone line, while simultaneously using the technology to massively increase the productivity of their businesses.

Improvements in VoIP and SIP over the last ten years, have brought down the setup costs of this technology to pittance, allowing businesses of almost any shape, size or description to benefit.

How it works...
Diagram illustrating how VoIP works - sending voice information over the Internet
Why is this Useful?

Operating a VoIP system gives rise to tremendous flexibility. Wherever you are in the world you can plug you're phone in and be contacted (and make calls) on your UK local landline number, and pay UK rates, wherever in the world you are. Aunt Jackie's or Japan, makes no difference. So moving around, moving offices or freelancing or transitioning need not cost you the earth anymore.

At the same time, you can benefit from all the practical advances of sending voice as data packets, which include global tele-conferencing, having numerous phones across the globe on the same telephone number, being able to place calls and receive them on the same line without ever hearing an engaged tone, and having phones on the same telephone number or network communicating with each other free of charge.

What are the Minimum Requirements to benefit from VoIP?

You'll need a fixed Internet connection. The ports at the back of your router at home, or the wall mounted sockets, like in most office environments. We'd suggest a minimum of 3 MB per second, but most homes have this for sure, let alone businesses. If you're unsure, we can check this for you.


"A great value business phone line, whether I need to work from home, the office or anywhere else”

Jamie Moore - Marketing Manager at Signconex
Jamie Moore
Marketing Manager – Signconex

"The part of your offering that has really given us the edge is the voicemail to email facility, this means that we never miss a message!”

Belinda Bernard - Centre Manager at Isnpire Business Centre
Belinda Bernard
Centre Manager, Inspire Business Centre

"More Talk is a great value, flexible and reliable service. Now I’ve got it I couldn’t do without it!”

Louis Hartshorn - Managing Director at Hartshorn Hook Productions
Louis Hartshorn
MD, Hartshorn Hook Productions